Honors Geometry

Mr. Hartzer (Ms. Khalil) / Western International High School

Tardiness and Truancy Policy

For full mastery of any subject, it is important that students are present both physically and mentally as much as possible. This means that students should come to class on time and prepared to learn. Attendance and tardiness will be tracked and tallied, and problems which are identified can result in disciplinary action, including discussion with parents. Students should also recall that positive class participation, including coming to class on time, can have a positive impact on their grade.
However, it is acknowledged that events may lead to absences. Students are encouraged to submit appropriate notes to the teacher when absences do occur. There is a class binder for students to refer to in order to catch up on missed assignments. Additionally, assignments will be posted daily on Hero's Garden (parents are also welcome to visit this site if they’d like to be involved with their student’s progress).